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2nd November 2011
Dear Mirrorguard

"We got our mirrorguards at the Shepton Mallet motorhome show. While travelling in Europe we found ourselves too close to a Mercedes motorhome and yes it happened BANG my mirror hit the door and I saw the glass hanging on the wire I thought that's it all broken, I said mirrorguard didn't work was very angry so we stopped to see the damage and what a SHOCK no damage at all just a small black mark on the mirrorguard cover.

All I had to do was push fit the mirror back on and carry on my journey for nearly 1000 miles. As for the Mercedes driver (German) I am sorry to say that his mirror was in so many small pieces it was not even worth him picking them up.

Thanks Again
Tony, Lois & Kayleigh"


5th July 2011

Dear Paul

I purchased a pair of your mirrorguards at Newbury motorhome show before our trip to France,
We were making the 750 mile trip back through France to Calais when our mirror was hit by a French van driver.

The mirror was hit so hard that the impact knocked off the mirror arm covers. I feared the worst and pulled over to retrieved my mirror arm covers from the road, as I did so there were bits of mirror all over the road, (Ha ha the French van man’s fiat mirror) I returned to my van to find the mirror arm covers just snapped back in place.

When we got home I polished of all the marks on the mirrorguard which came off very easily, Unfortunately there are 2 small cracks in the guard around the repeater light which I expect could be repaired. (cont. right hand side..)

I am not complaining that your mirorguard cracked because if you had heard the impact I don’t think much would have survived, in fact I am very pleased because it definitely saved my mirror from any damage as without your guard I have no doubt that my mirror would have ended up in the road like the French man’s fiat mirror.

Not only did your guard save me a small fortune in replacement costs , but can you imagine the nightmare driving back to the ferry without a nearside mirror. We would have had to get it fixed before going any further and we would have had to stay over for at least another day.
We look forward to seeing you at Malvern show so you can have a look at our mirrorguard


John & Val"

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